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All of us here in New Jersey depend on state government agencies to support our infrastructure. Without them, roads would not be repaired, courts would not be in session and the State Police would no longer patrol our highways. The Division of Youth and Family Services ("DYFS"), however, is a troubled state agency with a dismal track record. There have been complaints that some of the children in the custody of Child Protection Services have been abused, and many parents bear the burden of defending false accusations of neglect or being unfit parents.

If DYFS has become involved in your life in any way, or violated your rights as a parent, you do not have to take it. You have the right to challenge the agency's findings, and to defend yourself against child abuse charges. The law firm of Maynard & Sumner is ready to respond quickly and professionally to any questions you may have, or to any DYFS situation you are experiencing. You may reach us by telephone or schedule a consultation at our office. We can help you immediately or even if a DYFS representative is knocking on your door.

Please call 973-540-0054 to schedule a free confidential consultation in our Morristown, New Jersey, law offices. If you decide to retain us as counsel, we are happy to work out a flexible payment schedule for your convenience.

Comprehensive Defense Against Child Abuse Charges

DYFS has the power to intrude upon your life. They have limited powers to enter your home without a search warrant or the type of probable cause required in criminal matters. If a neighbor or a relative simply reports "suspicious" activity, the agency can and does enter homes and sometimes takes the children into custody. False accusations may be made anonymously to get the parents in trouble, even if they are great parents.

If you are being investigated for child abuse, a skilled attorney at our firm do everything possible to defend you against child abuse charges, and get your children back home. The first temporary custody hearing must be held within 48 hours, so it is important to consult with us right away. We will help you assert your rights and challenge the findings of DYFS.

It is important to investigate the child abuse charges thoroughly. We take the time to do the things required to defend you against the allegations such as tracking down witnesses, uncovering evidence that supports your side of the story, getting expert or medical evidence. It is difficult for parents to gain access to some of the DYFS information and evidence, due to juvenile confidentiality requirements. Our attorneys make it a point to get the information necessary to defend you.

Call Us for Experienced Representation

In the past, DYFS has resorted to threats to gain entry into clients' homes. If this happens to you, please call our offices immediately at 973-540-0054. Tell us you need to speak to an attorney immediately. We are prepared to fight hard on your behalf, and will protect your rights in a professional manner. Contact us today.

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